7 Ways To Get Your Garden Ready For Summer

Now that the sun is (hopefully) starting to shine, it’s time to give the garden some well needed attention.

During the cold winter months, gardens can be often left neglected and let’s face it, nobody wants to sit outside when it’s freezing and raining.

With the hot months fast approaching, we’ve decided to take a look at the essential checklist for getting your garden ready for the summer.

Mow The Lawn

One of the first things you’ll want to do when preparing your garden is to break out the lawnmower.

During the winter, it’s likely that your grass will have been left to grow and become unruly, but that ends today. Before you even plug in, it’s important that you don’t forget to check the grass for animal droppings.

We don’t imagine you’d want to clean that off the lawnmower’s blades.

Once the grass is clean, get to work. Make sure that you reach every corner of the garden and don’t leave any patches. It’s amazing how much better a garden can look simply by cutting the grass.

Mow The Lawn

Clean Your Tools

As we’ve said, garden maintenance is not exactly on everyone’s mind when the weather takes a turn for the worst, so it’s safe to say your gardening tools haven’t been getting the love they need.

If you’re not exactly the most organised or tidy of people, you might have left your tools with last summer’s mud and dirt on them. Now is the time to give them a good clean.

By cleaning your tools, you are not only prolonging the life and quality, but it is actually better for the plants. Most tools can be cleaned using water, but you may have to scrub the extra dirty ones.

For the best results going forward, try and clean them after each use.

Clean Your Tools

Bring Out The Garden Furniture

Sunny days are meant for having people over, but where are they going to sit?

If you’ve been storing your garden furniture away in the garage, now is the time to bring it back out. It will more than likely have gathered a fair amount of dust and potentially dirt after being stored away, so you’ll also need to give your furniture a good clean.

Now it may seem like the quickest and easiest route to get a pressure washer on your wooden furniture, but this isn’t the best idea. The pressure from the water can actually damage the wood and leave it in a worse condition, so we recommend opting for cleaning products made specially for wood furniture.

If you don’t own any garden furniture, then get to the shops. You can’t expect your guests to stand around all day, and having a comfy set of furniture in your back yard can be a fantastic place to unwind with a good book.

Chairs, tables and benches can make great additions to any garden, and can be an incentive for getting out in the sun more often.

Bring Out The Garden Furniture

Carry Out Some Plant Maintenance

Make use of the warmer weather and take the time to tend to any plants or bushes that may have overgrown over the last few months.

Your flower beds will have likely collected a lot of dead leaves during the autumn and could do with a good tidy. Turning the soil can really help when growing plants and will breathe new life into your flower bed. Conducting a general tidy up of all plant life in your garden will help massively in both efficiency and appearance.

Take the time to trim any bushes or tall plants that will have likely outgrown your preferable length, and be sure that they are not creeping over into a neighbour’s garden. There is nothing worse than a neighbour who doesn’t understand personal garden space.

Another idea could be to plant some new seeds especially for the summer. Adding bright and colourful flowers can make your garden stand out and will add a sense of life to their surroundings.

Carry Out Some Plant Maintenance

Say Goodbye To Weeds & Pests

When carrying out your garden maintenance, one of the biggest things to target is all the weeds and unwanted visitors that your garden has attracted.

Nobody likes weeding, but it’s something that has to be done. Weeds are usually the bane of any gardener’s life, and rightly so. Seemingly popping up in every corner of the garden, weeds can even appear between cracks in paving slabs, so be sure to check every inch for these annoying plants.

A lot of pests such as slugs and beetles will have made your garden a new home, but it’s time to evict these unwanted visitors. We recommend using shop bought products specifically designed to rid your outdoor space of these pests, but be careful when applying.

Say Goodbye To Weeds & Pests

Dust Off The BBQ

As humans, it feels almost wrong to eat our meals inside the comfort of our homes whenever there is a slight bit of sunshine. But the summer time can only mean one thing, BBQ season.

Hosting BBQs for your friends and family is undeniably the best part of the summer time, so make sure that you’ve dusted off your BBQ and it is ready to use.

Now making sure that your BBQ is clean and ready for cooking is very important, as failing to keep it to a high standard may result in food poisoning. You can get special BBQ grate cleaner to get the cooking grates clean, and a mixture of soapy water or specific cleaning fluid should be able to get any grime or leftover food off.

Once your BBQ is clean, you should be good to go. Now is the time to break out the “hilarious” apron and get ready for a night filled with great food and great company.

If you care about your grass (which we assume you do), opt for a proper BBQ instead of the one time use throwaway ones you can buy from the supermarkets.

Dust Off The BBQ

Fill Up The Swimming Pool

Summer is the perfect time for spending with your kids, and a great treat on a hot day is to get the inflatable swimming pool out.

If the weather forecast is suggesting a hint of sunshine, we recommend getting in early and starting to inflate your pool before the sun comes out. As we all probably already know, swimming pools can take what feels like a lifetime to fill up, so be prepared and get the kettle on.

Following this tip should help you avoid the nagging from your kids and will ensure a much less stressful time. Now go and enjoy the sun!

Fill Up The Swimming Pool


If you’ve followed these tips, then your garden should be ready for the summer and the fun times ahead.

Got any more helpful tips or ways to enjoy your garden in the sun? Let us know!