9 Easy Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Adding value to a property is always a good thing, and it’s a lot easier than you might imagine. Making a few changes around the house can go a long way in improving it’s worth, and its never a bad idea to shake things up.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply add value through upgrades, these improvements are sure to bump up the asking price of your house.

Paint & Decorate

Sometimes all a home really needs is bit of attention and a new splash of paint.

Outdated or cheap looking walls can say a lot about a home, and applying a new coat of paint every few years is sure to keep your house feeling fresh and exciting. Sticking with lots of neutral colours that blend together nicely such as cream, grey and brown will ensure a stylish look without being too harsh on the eyes.

This doesn’t just apply to the walls as well, fixing up door handles and banisters will be sure to give your home a brand new feel, and making the contents of your home generally more appealing.

Shed Some Light

Nobody wants to live a dark, gloomy looking home, so introducing a bit of light into the home is definitely the way forward.

Having a lot of light flowing through a property will automatically make it more appealing to anyone, and is bound to add some value in the process. Being able to draw a lot of natural light will also help with electrical bills, reducing the need to switch lights on.

Some idea for bringing some more light into the home are moving furniture around, cleaning windows regularly or maybe even adding a conservatory if you have the space.

Change The Flooring

Flooring is a big factor when considering the value of a home, and an outdated floor isn’t doing anything for anyone.

Most modern homes now make use of laminate and real wood flooring, as opposed to the carpet option that used to be popular. Laminate flooring has a lot of benefits, being very easy to clean and maintain, making it a much more efficient option and a must-have for any home looking to improve.

This mentality applies to the kitchen as well, and changing up the tiles for a fresher look will instantly transform the look of your cooking space for the better.

Improve The Exterior

Fixing the fence, taking care of the garden and adding in some lights can make a big difference, and we imagine you’d want to be proud of the outside of your home.

Giving the garden some well needed attention and taking care of any weeds, dead flowers and overgrown grass are all easy fixes to improving the look of your garden. Throw in some lighting and maybe even a water feature and you’ve got yourself a fantastic looking garden.

As the front door is the first thing someone is likely to see, it’s a wise idea to freshen it up every now and then. Applying a new coat of paint or investing in a new front door will improve kerb appeal greatly, and matching it up with your garage door will give your home a complete look.

Want to know some more tips on improving your home’s exterior? Check out our handy guide.

Replace Old Windows

Changing out old windows in favour of double or even triple glazed windows is a great investment, and can even help you reduce the amount you spend on heating bills.

Being able to keep the heat contained in your home, the windows are specifically designed to reduce heat loss and will definitely come in handy during the old, harsh winter. This means you’ll end up spending less, not having to constantly keep the heating on and bringing a lot of value to the property as well.

A new set of windows can also improve the kerb appeal and generally making the house more aesthetically pleasing.

Get Central Heating

The majority of homes in the UK have some sort of central heating system in place, but it can prove to be a useful installation if you don’t already have it.

Heating your home through the use of radiators is a much more efficient way than the likes of a wood-burning fireplace, and central heating is essential for any modern home.

If you’re worried about the price, installing a central heating in your home is almost guaranteed to add more value than what it costs, making it a sound investment.

Install Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Changing out the old garage door for a brand new, high quality roller shutter door is a sure fire way of increasing the value of your home.

Installing a roller shutter garage door will vastly improve the aesthetic of your home, being able to choose from a range of colours to best suit your home. People often underestimate how much the exterior of a home can say, so having a shabby, dated looking garage door isn’t doing you any favours.

Not only does it improve the overall look of the exterior, but a roller shutter garage door improves safety thanks to the automated system and will protect the contents a lot better. Using an auto-lock mechanism, the doors cannot be opened when in the fully closed position, and this kind of security equals value.

Update Electric Outlets

Considering we all spend most of our time glued to our phones, having a lot of plug sockets feel like a need in this modern age.

Adding in some more plug sockets and electrical outlets to a property will make things much more convenient, and will actually add some value to your home. Having access to multiple different sockets across the room will turn out to be a life saver, and looks great if you’re thinking of selling.

While this may not send the asking price souring, it’s a worthy investment nonetheless.

Extra Security

You can never be too safe, and a safe home is a valuable home.

Going the extra mile and installing more locks and security systems in a home will definitely increase the value, and make it much more appealing to any potential buyers.

Adding a chain to the front and back door and a light sensor will do wonders for making your home feel more secure, and should help to prevent any would be intruders from attempting a break in.


You can increase the value of a property through many different upgrades, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to change the look of your home.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of roller shutter garage doors, feel free to get in touch today.