10 Tips For Making Your Garden Stand Out

The garden is a special place in the home, acting as a retreat for you to go and enjoy some peace and quiet and a place to enjoy some sunshine. People generally tend to take quite a bit of pride in the look of their gardens too, and rightly so.

A great looking garden is a sure fire way of making your home stand out, and even has the potential to increase the value of the home itself. But how do you make your garden stand out?

We’ve come up with a couple of different ways to transform the garden into something unique and special.

Garden Sculpture

Have you ever considered placing a statue in the garden?

An extravagant but elegant sculpture could be a nice addition to the garden and is a very apparent way of adding a sense of style to the outdoor space. Introducing a unique or quirky sculpture could be a great conversation starter too, and would fit nicely alongside a water feature or a neatly trimmed lawn.


Why would want to settle for a couple of boring paving slabs when you could have a beautiful winding pathway?

Featuring a pathway that sweeps throughout your garden and leads your visitors to each attraction can add a lot of charm, and can be a great way of splitting up the grass. Not only will a walkway keep your guests off the grass, but it will also add splashes of colour into your garden.

There are so many different designs and styles you could go for as well, being able to match up the pathway to other features in the garden and maybe even the front garden.


Water Feature

Everyone loves a good water feature, right?

Implementing a majestic water feature into your garden will add a heavenly feel to the space and will go a long way in creating a relaxing, ambient atmosphere. Water features can be very therapeutic, with the sound of the water pattering soothing the ears and allowing you to enter a state of total zen.

Another benefit is that they simply look fantastic, and instantly makes the garden feel more alive.

Fire Pit/Chiminea

Hanging out in the garden during the day is great, so why should we stop when it starts to get dark?

As the sun starts to go down and the temperature starts to drop, people tend to go inside, but adding a fire pit or chiminea will keep the place lit up and your guests warm and toasty. There is nothing like gathering around a warm fire on a summers night, surrounded by friends and family chatting the night away.

If you really wanted to go all out, grab a pack of marshmallows and enjoy a toasty treat.

Fire Pit/Chiminea


Fan of wildlife? A pond could make a fantastic addition to the garden.

Garden ponds can be a total statement piece in any garden, and will automatically leave a good first impression on anyone passing by. You’d be surprised by how much an elegant body of water surrounded by piles of rocks and stones can improve the overall look of your garden.

Ponds don’t just look great, but they can also be home to some beautiful fish. Having these underwater creatures present in the garden is another way to make it feel more alive.


We all know that the summer time means one thing – BBQ season.

In Britain, the first spec of sunshine sees the whole country rushing to the shops to grab all of the disposable BBQs that are left, but it doesn’t have to be this way. This is where having a BBQ grill of your own will come in handy.

Having your own grilling machine will not only allow you to host a BBQ whenever you want, but can look great in any garden and will cement you as a top chef among your neighbours.


Garden Furniture

If you’re planning on hosting garden parties, have you got a place for your guests to sit?

Adding in some stylish and comfy furniture for your guests to sit on is an essential key to any successful event, and can also be useful for chilling in the garden on your own. Putting furniture in the garden will also make it feel more lived in, as opposed to a place that is purely for show.

Having wood furnishings can add a lovely natural element to the garden, but opting for something a little quirkier like bright coloured plastic chairs will definitely help it to stand out.


Every room has a special focal point – the living room has the TV, the kitchen has the worktop, the bedroom has the bed. Why should the garden be any different?

Getting yourself a big and bold main attraction to put in the garden is certain to make it stand out, and everyone else should revolve around it. Like a water feature or statue, having something like a garden fountain or beautiful tree in the middle of the garden will act as a conversation starter and will attract anyone’s eyes that enter.


Unique Plants

We know that everybody has plants in their garden, but are you up for opting for something a little different?

Growing a selection of brightly coloured and truly unique plants and flowers is certain to make your outdoor space stand out from the rest, and it will benefit from the addition of more colour. Gardens tend to be filled with a lot of green, so throwing in some wild colours can make the garden pop and catch the eye straight away.

Choose a range of plants that reflects the colours you love, and fill your garden will some fantastic scents.


What is a garden without lighting?

Lighting can really help to add a warm atmosphere to any outdoor area, and is perfect for those nights when you want to keep the good times outside. Garden lighting works great in many places, such as alongside a pathway, standalone lamps, hanging from tree branches and even dotted throughout the grass.

To really make the most out of the lighting, try going for solar powered lamps.



As you can see, you are not exactly short of options when it comes to making your garden stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Any of these ideas will go a long way in transforming your outdoor area into a more enjoyable place to be around, so get creative with it and create a garden you can be proud of.