What Are The Benefits Of Roller Shutter Garage Doors?

When it comes to garage doors, roller shutter doors are quickly becoming the standard.

Made using strong materials and fitted with advanced security technology, it makes sense for people to invest in a new door for their garages.

If you’re still wondering whether or not to invest in these doors, have a read through some of the benefits you could be enjoying.

Are They Safe?

Security is always going to be a concern for any home owner, and keeping the contents of your home safe is always a priority.

Investing in additional locks or heavy duty front and back doors is a common practise, but many people tend to forget about the garage door. Is there a point in making an effort to secure the other doors if you’ve got a fragile garage door?

Nobody wants to feel unsafe in their own home, and roller shutter garage doors are well known for keeping would be intruders at bay. The doors themselves are made up of heavy duty, CFC free foam filled aluminium profiles, making it a tough task for someone to try and break down.

On top of this, each door is sealed off at the bottom with a deep rubber seal, providing additional strength to the door’s exterior whilst keeping the weather out.

Each set of roller shutter garage doors is also fitted with auto-lock systems to ensure an even higher level of security. The auto-lock devices work by preventing the door from being opened when in the fully closed position, making it a lot harder for people trying to get in.

Do They Retain Heat?

If you’re a fan of staying up late and working in your garage, we imagine you’ve witnessed some painfully cold nights, huddled up next to a heater.

Garages are known for generally being pretty cold, with a mixture of concrete flooring and flimsy garage doors to thank for this. Without a sealed door, there isn’t much hope for keeping the weather out, and the garage will soon turn into an icy and potentially damp area.

One of the main benefits to installing roller shutter garage doors is the ability to keep the heat inside the home thanks to the rubber seal located on the bottom.

The rubber seal fitted with each door helps to provide additional insulation, and can be made to fit any surface. The CFC free foam that makes up the profiles also adds a level of insulation, reducing any heat loss as well as exterior noise.

It could end up saving you money in heating bills as well, no longer feeling the need to keep it turned up for hours at a time to heat up the garage.

What’s The Difference Aesthetically?

As well as having many physical benefits, roller shutter garage doors have a lot of benefits from an aesthetic point of view too.

When pulling up to any house, one of the first things you notice is the front door and the garage door. With this in mind, it’s important to make a good first impression.

The look of a roller shutter garage door is already miles ahead in terms of presentation and style, with its smooth finish adding a level of style to your home’s exterior. With the doors being available in a wide range of colours, you’re almost spoilt for choice.

With colours like fir green, anthracite and ivory, the doors are also available in a wood effect range. The option of having a golden oak, mahogany or rosewood colour scheme is perfect for matching up with your front door, making a complete look in the process.

How Long Do They Last?

In Britain, its pretty fair to say we’ve seen our share of bad weather.

Being subject to years of rain and wind can take its toll on a garage door, and a standard garage door isn’t likely to function to its best ability after all of this weathering.

Garage doors endure a lot of general wear and tear on a daily basis, and the paint will eventually suffer because of this. With the roller shutter garage doors that we install, there is a 10 year guarantee that the paint job is going to last and look fantastic for years.

You can kiss goodbye to the long days spent re-painting the garage and rely on 10 years of a fantastic looking door.

What About The Technology?

On top of being secure and aesthetically pleasing, roller shutter garage doors are backed up by advanced safety mechanisms to increase security even more.

For starters, the doors are controlled by a unique remote control system, allowing you to open the door as you are pulling in. How many times have you had to pull into the drive, get out of the car, manually open the garage, get back in the car and park the car in the garage?

With these doors, you can rely on quick and easy parking instead of wasting all that time.

One of the other benefits to roller shutter doors is the fact that they open vertically as opposed to outwards, which frees up a lot of space in both the garage and the drive.

As we’ve discussed, safety is a big concern for everyone. Each door is fitted with a system that can sense if there is anything blocking the closing of the door. With the busy day to day goings on, it can be easy to not notice a pet or one of the kids in the way of the door.

The system will sense if there is any obstacles in the way and will return to the open position, eliminating any risk of injury.

In the event of a mains failure, the door also comes with a built-in manual override that allows the door to be operated should the power go off. There is also no risk of the door free falling and hurting someone, as it comes with an anti-fall back device.

Is It Worth It?

Roller shutter garage doors are a great investment, but is it worth the money?

Put simply, if you buy a cheap set of garage doors, you’re buying twice or more. Like with most things, you get what pay for. Purchasing a cheap set of roller shutter doors is never a good idea, and using a qualified installer like ourselves is always recommended.

While there may be cheaper options out there, the quality and security that comes with the garage doors we install is going to last a lot longer – making it a smarter and more cost effective option.

Installing a set of roller shutter garage doors will also add value to your home, and make it much more appealing when it comes to selling. If you’re thinking about investing in a set, now could be the time.


These are just a couple of the many different benefits that comes with investing in a set of roller shutter garage doors. Security, insulation and durability are all positives that come with installing this garage door option, and is perfect for anyone looking to improve their home.

Still need some convincing? Feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have about roller shutter garage doors. We’re more than happy to help!