Our Standard

Garage Door Specifications

Please see below for a list of specifications for our standard roller shutter garage door range.

Roller Shutter Garage Door Specifications

Electrically Operated

Powered by a fully CE compliant, single phase 240 volt tubular motor with a built-in manual override facility allowing the door to be operated manually in the event of mains failure.



Supplied with a standard back box canopy section. The use of a canopy is undoubtedly more aesthetically pleasing.

(Dimensions: 205mm x 205mm)



The Standard Garage Doors are manufactured from compact , twin wall, CFC free foam filled aluminium profile.

(Dimensions: 55mm x 14mm)


Guide Section

Guide Section c/w Rubber Strips – Our deep, heavy duty guide section provides safety and security. The rubber strips protect the curtain from unnecessary wear and ensure smooth operation.

(Dimensions: 66mm x 27mm)


Safety Brake

The fully CE compliant anti-fallback device prevents the door from freefalling when in the open position in the unlikely event of a motor failure.



These heavy duty, anti-lift devices offer security against would-be intruders by preventing the door from being opened when in the fully closed position.


Bottom Profile

Bottom Profile – A heavy duty extruded aluminium bottom profile complete with a deep rubber seal provides additional strength and protection against adverse weather conditions.

(Dimensions: 55mm x 14mm)

Remote Control Specifications

Remote Control

Standard remote control kit c/w 2 transmitters, push button and hardwired optical safety edge system.

One press operation to open and close.

Controlled by a fully UKCA/CE compliant, intelligent rolling code radio remote control system. Radio code technology generates a unique code every operation eliminating the possibility of code copying.

Optional Extras & Upgrades

Low level override

Low Level Override

The secure, external, low-level override system allows you to manually operate the door in the event of mains failure, should there be no other means of access to your garage.

Battery Back Up

Battery Back Up

The battery back-up system is an uninterrupted power supply that allows you to electrically operate the door in the event of mains failure, should there be no other means of access to your garage.

Digital Keypad Entry System

Digital Keypad Entry System

Wireless Rocker Entry Switch

Wireless Rocker Entry Switch

Socket Points

Socket Points

Available in single or double.

Brick Facia Trim

Brick Facia Trim

(Colour Range Available)
Price supplied upon survey

Premium Remote Upgrade

Premium Remote Upgrade

CE compliant & c/w 2 transmitters, courtesy light, push button & wireless optical safety edge system.

Additional Standard Transmitter

Additional Standard Transmitter

To suit one garage door.